Going through a divorce is difficult—not only emotionally, but also financially. As a married couple, you shared your home, vehicle, and financial obligations with another person. Now that your marriage has dissolved, you face the burden of paying many of these bills on your own.

Couples generally do not wait until the divorce is finalized to separate. Although you know that you may receive a regular California spousal support check after your divorce is complete, you may have difficulty paying your monthly expenses even before the paperwork has been signed. Because of this, many women who earned less than their soon-to-be ex-husband request spousal support prior to the terms being made final.

If you want to receive payment and support from your former spouse before a divorce, here are a few steps to follow:

  • Move out and separate your finances. To file for support, it is best if you and your ex-husband do not live in the same house. You should also separate your bank accounts so there is no confusion.
  • Define a specific monthly budget. Before filing for spousal support, you will want to solidify your monthly budget. This requires you to specify exactly where the money you receive will go and why you are asking for the amount you request.
  • Talk to a San Francisco alimony attorney about spousal rewards. To get a better understanding of what you may be rewarded or what you may not be rewarded, talk to your California spousal support lawyer. This will help you understand the laws and make a request that has a higher chance of being accepted.

If you want to file for alimony prior to your divorce being finalized, contact a San Francisco spousal support attorney at the Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan. We will work with you to determine how much you can reasonably request and help you get the type of support you are entitled to during this difficult time.

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