Most people know that one lawyer can’t adequately represent people in all types of legal matters. That’s why lawyers tend to focus on particular practice areas. And that means that, if you need to hire an attorney for your California child custody case, you need a lawyer with a background in family law. But did you know that there are differences in lawyers’ practices even within the same practice area?

Difference One: Not all family lawyers are comfortable in court.

Most Americans know that the vast majority of lawsuits settle out of court. People prefer a sure thing to an unknown. This has led to generations of lawyers who have limited exposure to the courtroom. These attorneys are not comfortable standing in front of a judge and arguing for their client’s position. They are not adept at gathering and developing evidence or at presenting that evidence to a jury.

An attorney who is not at ease in the courtroom may work hard to avoid going to trial. That is not what you want! Of course, resolving a matter outside of court is usually preferable to battling in court. But you do not want to be pressured by your attorney into agreeing to a deal you aren’t comfortable with. If you can’t reach a compromise that you can live with, you want an attorney who can effectively defend your position in court.

Difference Two: Not all family lawyers advocate well for women.

It’s true. Some lawyers can effectively advocate for both men and women. Some do better representing men. Paul Nathan of the Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan focuses his practice on representing women in family law matters. Why? Because he feels like their interests are often minimalized, and he wants to be an advocate for their rights. He understands the unique needs of women involved in child custody matters. He also has the ability and experience to resolve concerns while lessening the emotional impact of the situation.

If you have a California child custody concern, call an experienced women’s advocate.

If you would like to discuss your California child custody matter with a San Francisco family lawyer who exclusively represents women and isn’t afraid to go to trial, contact Mr. Nathan at 415-341-1144 or by filling out our online contact form.

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