You had big dreams, but then you got married. Your kids were born, and you put your career on hold to be the best mom you could be. Now, you are facing divorce. You haven’t worked in a while, and you are worried about your financial security.

There are two main reasons why spousal supported is awarded in California. The first is to help the spouse with limited financial resources to maintain an acceptable standard of living after a divorce. The other purpose is to compensate the spouse for her contributions to the home, the family, and the ex-spouse’s education and career.

If you feel uncomfortable accepting money from your ex, consider this: calculated the contribution a mom makes to be worth $112,962 in 2012. You were the one who cooked dinner, scrubbed the toilets, folded the laundry, went over the homework, and held sick children late at night. Your contribution was worth so much more than a paycheck. 

California spousal support can help you make ends meet while you get a fresh start. You can use the money to go back to school and brush up your skills or to train for a new career. There is a world of possibilities. Discuss your dreams with your San Francisco divorce lawyer.

The court will consider your proposal and decide on your eligibility for spousal support, the amount of support, and how long it will last.  Considerations will include:

  • The length of your marriage
  • The lifestyle you had as a couple
  • Your ability to earn an income
  • How the marriage affected your career
  • The needs of your children

Think about it. What would you like your future to look like?

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