California spousal support or alimony is usually reserved for cases in which one spouse has a significantly higher income than the other spouse. It is a temporary financial award that is designed to help the supported spouse transition to life after the divorce and develop the skills to become financially independent. However, even stay-at-home moms are not guaranteed spousal support.

Here are some cases in which California spousal support may be denied:

  • The spouse is able to earn a sufficient income to maintain the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage.
  • The lower-income spouse has separate property or assets that are enough to provide support.
  • The division of community property will provide the lower-income spouse with sufficient support.
  • The other spouse has custody of the children and will provide their full support.
  • The lower-income spouse has made no effort to become self-sufficient.
  • The higher-income spouse is not financially able to provide spousal support because of other obligations.
  • The marriage lasted fewer than ten years.
  • The lower-income spouse was abusive.

The contributions of stay-at-home parents should not be overlooked. If you gave up your career to support your spouse and children, you deserve a chance to get back on your feet. Spousal support can help you meet your needs while you get the training you need to get back in the job market. To talk with a San Francisco spousal support attorney about your options, contact the Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan at 415-341-1144