Summary dissolution is a way of finalizing your California divorce in a quick, easy way. Many people will not qualify for summary dissolution, so consider yourself lucky if you do!

The California Court System has a long checklist of requirements that allow you to get a summary dissolution. Keep in mind that you must meet every requirement on the list. 

Checklist for Summary Dissolution

  • Married for less than five years
  • No children (biological or adopted or currently expecting)
  • You do not own any part of land or buildings
  • You do not rent any land or buildings (except where you live now, as long as you do not have a one-year lease or option to buy)
  • You do not owe more than $6,000 in community debt obligations
  • You have less than $38,000 of community property (Link to Divorce PA BLOG)
  • You do not have more than $38,000 in separate property
  • Neither spouse can ever receive spousal support
  • Have a signed agreement that divides property and debts
  • You or your spouse must have lived in California for the last six months and in the county where you filed for summary dissolution for the last three months

Our Marin County Divorce Lawyers Can Help You Today

If you think that you qualify for summary dissolution, contact an experienced San Francisco divorce lawyer before jumping into anything. Your attorney will be able to double check everything, as well as help you file all necessary paperwork properly. If you're really eligible to file for summary dissolution, you want to make sure everything is handled perfectly so that you're able to get your divorce over with as quickly as possible. Contact the Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan for a consultation at 415-341-1144.