First, never listen to your husband when he makes statements about the divorce. He is never going to give you good news. And, most of what he tells you is made up and wrong.

Second, California law does not require both spouses to agree to the divorce. Either one of you can decide to end the marriage no matter what the other says. He does not "give you" your divorce. Only the judge can do that.

Your husband cannot stop for you from divorcing him whether or not he is active in the divorce case.

The judge can grant you a divorce even if property or other issues need to be resolved. Note, you still have to wait the minimum 6 months before you can be divorced. But, the judge can grant you a divorce once the 6 months from the date you served your husband with the petition for divorce has passed.

Nonetheless, having the judge grant you a divorce when your husband is refusing to cooperate can be complicated. Therefore, you will want to consult with an experienced divorce lawyer.