A child support order dictating your child’s father must make child support payments to you is a court order. Violation of that order, not paying child support, is a violation of the court order.

As a result, you can bring a contempt proceeding against the father for violation of the court order. If found in contempt, the father can be forced to pay your legal fees, the back support, fines and, if he continues to refuse to pay, be thrown in jail.

You may also request a wage earnings assignment order (wage garnishment) where the child support is taken out of the father’s bank account every month no matter his opinion.

Our Marin Child Custody Attorneys Can Help You

You have options if your child’s father is disobeying a child support order. If so, make sure to consult with an experienced custody lawyer.

Please note, father’s refusing to pay child support runs the spectrum as far as income. We have fathers who earn hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars per year but refuse to pay child support.