I might not be the best lawyer for you.

When I meet with a client I am interviewing them in the same manner they ought to be interviewing me.

I ask what your goals in the case are. Do you want spousal support, child support, keep the family home, want a cash payout from their husband, more custody? What do you want out of the case.

Reason being, everything we do should be done to accomplish your goals. So, if you want to fight over every little thing to make your husband’s life miserable, you should find someone else.

My office is not the right fit for many women and I am very blunt about that. I do not take incoming phone calls. However, my paralegal does and will schedule a call between us. I do this so I can focus on your case and am prepared to discuss your case with you when we do talk.

I will not tell you what you want to hear. Instead, I tell you the truth. I will not tell you that the judge is going to give you 100% custody of the children if that is not true. You can find other lawyers who may be willing to tell you anything you want to hear, whether based in reality or fiction. But, that is not me or my office.

I will not pick every fight possible with your husband and his attorney. I believe such an all out “scorched earth” policy is unethical. Reason being, everything you or your lawyer does in your case needs to be for one purpose: Accomplishing your goals in the case. Fighting over everything, whether or not it matters to you, will end up costing you a fortune and tons of unneeded stress.

I can handle any fight your husband brings to us. But, we do not need a judge seeing us stoop to same obnoxious level as him.  I like to win and picking every possible fight is a guaranteed way not to win.

You’ll find I may use a four letter word to describe your husband’s or his attorney’s conduct. I do not mince words when I see detestable behavior.

Lawyer speak is for lawyers to feel important. But, that will not help you understand what is happening in your case. I try and put everything into plain English. I am sure you can find another lawyer who will use Latin terms with you if you’d prefer that.

Point being, pick a lawyer who you will get along with. I do the same with picking my clients. And, you should expect nothing less than an attorney you work comfortably with.

Paul Nathan
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