The feeling of being left for another person after years of marriage is devastating. Many women are left emotionally distraught, with a lack of confidence and a perceived inability to fight back against the person who ruined their marriage.

While some women believe that they may be able to receive more in alimony as a way to retaliate against their cheating ex-spouse, they are sad to learn that California is a no-fault state and infidelity cannot be a factor in determining spousal support amounts. But not all hope is lost. Here are three ways you may be able to get more money to help cover your expenses after your ex-husband had an affair and destroyed your marriage.

1. Request money to help you get back on your feet emotionally. Finding your husband having an affair is an extremely emotionally taxing experience. You lose confidence, faith, and trust—not only in your spouse, but also in others around you. While you recover from this emotional disruption in your life, you may request that your husband cover the time and expenses needed to overcome the burdens he left you with.

2. Gain irrefutable evidence of the affair. While the judge cannot rule for more money to be paid out in the event of infidelity in a marriage, your ex-spouse may be more likely to settle for more and be more willing to pay more in spousal support if he knows that you have significant evidence against him.

3. Hire a good San Francisco spousal support lawyer. A good lawyer understands the law and knows how spousal support is determined. This can help you find new ways to get more out of your alimony that you may not have been aware of, if you try to go it alone.

If you have caught your husband cheating in your marriage, you are understandably devastated. With the help of a family law attorney in San Francisco from Nathan Law Offices, you can get the help and guidance you need to get a fair and just spousal support payment for all you have been through. Just call us at 866-414-4091 when you need help.

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