You may not need a lawyer for your divorce!

We are often asked, “Do my husband and I really need a lawyer for our divorce?” Our answer is... it depends; it is a case-by-case situation.

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TIP: Keep your relationship as "friendly" as possible to avoid potential pitfalls in the divorce process.


Our office has found that divorce lawyers often complicate the divorce process by creating arguments. Reason being, the more you and your husband fight the more the lawyers can bill you.

We created a list of questions for you to ask yourself when deciding whether or not you need an attorney.

  1. Do you agree on the major issues? For example, do you agree as to how the bank accounts will be separated? Or, the retirement plans? If you have children, do you agree to a custody arrangement? Or child support? Spousal (alimony) support? Who is taking the family pets?

If yes, you agree on all of the major issues you may not need a lawyer until the end of your case. I’ll explain below why you will want to visit a lawyer at the end of your case.

  1. Can you and your husband resolve minor issues? For example, who is taking the pots and pans, silverware, plates, etc…
  2. Is your husband violent, physically or verbally abusive or manipulative? If so, you may want an attorney to deal with his abusiveness and put an end to it. My clients often choose me because I am a fairly large man, 6’2” and 235 pounds and I have represented mafia bosses and the like. Not many husbands are going to intimidate me. But, your husband may not be a bad person. Therefore, you are not intimidated by him and will not need a lawyer to put a stop to his abuse.

Have a Lawyer Review Your Settlement Agreement!

You will always want to have a lawyer review your settlement agreement even if you agree on everything with your husband because you want to make sure your protected in the agreement. You want to make sure that you are protected against any debts your husband created while you were married and did not know about. You will want to make sure that all legal ties are cut once and for all.

Our office often reviews or drafts agreements at the end of a divorce worked out among the couple.

Question: Do I need a lawyer for my divorce?

Answer: I always suggest you see an attorney to review any agreement you and your husband come to, no matter how friendly. Reason being, you want to make sure you are protected from any problems you husband created for himself during the marriage that you may not know about. For example, any debts your husband incurred during marriage but you do not know about should not be your responsibility. You can protect yourself by a simple visit to a divorce lawyer who will review and explain the ramifications of the agreement you and your husband have arrived at.

Now, that is assuming your husband is not any of the following: physically or verbally abusive, intimidating to you or manipulative to get what he wants from you. And, importantly, you need to feel 110% that your interests are protected and you are not being taken advantage of in the divorce process. You definitely need a lawyer to advocate for you if your husband possesses any of the above awful traits.

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