You said your vows and had planned to stay with the person you love for the rest of your life. But something has built up over time, and now you are thinking it may be time to end your marriage.

Making the decision to file for a California divorce is not easy. Many of the women we talk to in our San Francisco family law firm worry if they are making the right decision and if there is any way their marriage can be saved. We have found that, most of the time, if you seek to get a divorce, there is a bigger issue at play—and it may not be possible to resolve that issue.

The Top 3 Reasons People File for a California Divorce

We are frequently asked why people file for a California divorce. The following are the three most common reasons we see: 

  1. Resentment. When the wife or husband has difficulty forgiving and forgetting something that the other person did wrong, resentment builds over time. This can lead to arguing, bickering, and a toxic relationship for both people. When something has been done that is too difficult to forgive, it may be better to divorce.
  2. Narcissism. A relationship works both ways, and both parties want to feel needed and appreciated. When one person is narcissistic to the point of being unable to show love and appreciation for a spouse, the marriage may not work. If you are in a marriage where your spouse is too caught up in his own needs and cannot give you the happiness you deserve, it may be time to file for divorce.
  3. Addiction. Addiction is a difficult thing to face. While you promised to be there for your spouse for better or for worse, sometimes staying together can enable addiction and make you both sick. In a toxic situation such as this, divorce may be best for both parties.

It is important to remember that you are not alone in your struggle with divorce. Let a San Francisco divorce attorney be your guide and help you through this emotional and difficult time in your life. Contact the Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan to learn more.

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