Negotiating over assets seems simple compared to battling it out with your ex-spouse over who gets custody of the children. Naturally, both parents want to see their kids. But, when a San Francisco child custody request is filed, it is clear that not both parents agree on what is in the best interest for the family and children.

Child custody cases in California are not cut and dry. There are a number of factors that go into determining who will be granted custody of the kids and how visitation will work. Here are the top five factors taken into consideration:

  1. The current visitation arrangements. If you are in court, it is clear that something is not working. To negotiate a resolution, it is important to first look at what is wrong in the current visitation arrangements.
  2. How your children cope with the current arrangements. Your children’s feelings matter the most in a San Francisco child custody case. Seeing how they react to certain situations can help in finding the best resolution for your family.
  3. Any history of domestic violence. History of domestic violence makes it easy to show that a home is not fit for children. This is an important part of your custody case.
  4. Both parents’ schedules. Schedules may change with job shifts, and this can cause you to have to renegotiate the terms of your child custody. In this case, the parents’ schedules will be considered when finding the right resolution.
  5. The wishes of the children. Depending on the age of the children, their wishes will be taken into consideration when finding the right custody plan for your family.

Depending on the circumstances and complexity of your case, there may be other factors taken into consideration. To help get the resolution you know is best for your family, contact our San Francisco family law firm for help with your child custody case. Our California child custody attorney will advocate for you and guide you through the difficult process of maintaining custody of your children.

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