Top Three Reasons to get Divorced

You got married "for better and for worse.” Now you are wondering if the “better” is over and done. How do you know if it is time to get divorced?

The truth is, all marriages have ups and downs. Even Prince Charming has his annoying moments. But, if you can no longer see the “happily ever after,” it may be time for a change.  Here are three signs that you might be for a divorce.

  • You tried therapy. When both spouses are willing to make a change, couples therapy can work wonders—but one spouse alone cannot fix a marriage.
  • You don't trust your spouse. You may trust your spouse to be sexually faithful, but can you tell your spouse about your thoughts and dreams? If you lack either type of trust in your spouse, it may be time for a divorce.
  • You would not wish your marriage on your kids. Your relationship with your spouse will be the bar by which your child measures her own relationships. What would you want your daughter to do if she was in your shoes?

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