As a family law attorney in San Francisco, I have worked closely with a number of parents who are new to raising a child on their own. I have seen first-hand the challenges that go along with this important and time consuming job and understand the difficulties that you face.

Here are a few tips to help you and your ex-spouse share the duties of parenting in a way that will give your child the best upbringing possible:

  • Divide times within the day. If you share custody with your ex-spouse and live in close proximity to each other, you may want to not only break up your schedule into weeks and days, but you may also want to break up your days into morning, afternoons, and evenings. For one parent it may be easier to pick up children from school, while another parent may find it easier to bring them to class each morning.
  • Consult each other when booking vacations. You may find yourself needing a vacation, and you may want to give your child to their other parent for your short time away. Plan in advance and discuss openly with your ex-spouse about how vacations will work and the amount of time you can be away.
  • Make the most of your time alone. Being a single parent can be challenging and will cause you to have to say no to your social life time and time again. When your child is visiting the other parent, make the most of your time alone by catching up with old friends or taking time for yourself.

Co-parenting may seem like it will work in the beginning—but as time goes on, you may find yourself needing more help from the other parent. If you feel that your ex-spouse is not pulling his weight, contact me. As a San Francisco family attorney, I will work with you to help you determine what is in the best interest of your child and family. If you need help, call the Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan at 866-414-4091 for assistance.

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