Cohabitation and Divorce

Ex-spouses have a variety of different reasons why they continue to live together during a San Francisco divorce. Whether it is because of financial strife or the children, co-habitation certainly has its advantages. However, living together isn’t without its flaws. Here, an attorney discusses the downside of staying in the home with your ex.

It Causes Fighting

  • Before you decide to stay in the same home as your ex, remember that there is a reason why you are getting divorced. The issues you had that caused you to make the decision aren’t going to go away. Staying in the same home may continue to bring those problems to the forefront, which can result in you fighting and acting disrespectful towards each other. This behavior can be detrimental if displayed in front of the kids.

It Causes Confusion

  • Your children will likely become confused by your relationship if you are still living together after you have broken up. Although some may find it helpful in adjusting to their new situation, it may prevent others from moving on.

You Can’t Move On

  • Having your ex still in the home can make finding a new relationship a bit tricky. Any potential suitor may be turned off by the fact you still live with your ex. If you don’t have any other option, you will likely have to wait until one of you moves out before you can get involved with anyone new.

The Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan have helped many clients just like you get through this difficult time. We may be able to help you negotiate the terms of spousal or child support, or assist in dividing your assets. Contact us today to speak with an attorney about your San Francisco divorce.

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