I have given numerous consultations for divorce in recent weeks. Seeking divorce is appropriate when you have now come to the conclusion that a divorce is needed and that marriage counseling will not be fruitful. However, divorce may not be the route to take if you are sick of your husband because you've been stuck in your home together due to COVID.

Many of the consultations I have done recently involve women who have known for years that they need to divorce their husbands. Only now due to the COVID lockdown, are they forced to deal with the realization that a divorce is needed sooner rather than later. On the other hand, you may want to hold off on filing for divorce if you realize you are just sick of your husband due to being stuck with him too long. Only you know.

Further, a separation or divorce is likely in order if your husband is verbally or physically abusive.

Additionally, you should not be subjected to continuous harassment by your husband. For example, he should not be following you around the house for hours on end, texting or emailing you numerous times, hurling insults at you. This is not acceptable.

Do not hesitate to contact our office for a consultation for Mr. Nathan's honest opinion as to whether divorce is best for you at 415-635-0411.

Mr. Nathan will give you the pros and cons of seeking a divorce and give you his opinion on whether you are a good candidate for divorce or not.

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