When you first had your children, you thought that your family would grow old together. Now that you and your ex-spouse have decided that it is in everyone’s best interest to dissolve the marriage, you must come to a mutual agreement on how to provide the best life possible for your children.

As you start out on the journey of negotiating the right solution for your family, you most likely realize the immense amount of emotion involved with making this decision. You must consider the needs of your children above all, but getting the resolution that is ideal for your children can be emotionally draining. Fights with your ex-spouse, new girlfriends added into the equation, and the roller coaster ride of emotion you must watch your children go through is enough to drive any mother to tears.

As a San Francisco child custody law firm, we have seen this emotion many times and understand what you face. Here are a few things we have learned that can help in these difficult situations:

  • Consider your child’s age. Toddlers and young children have different needs than teenagers. If your teenage child does not seem interested in spending time with either you or the other parent, try not to take it personally and understand that this is just the stage they are in. You did nothing to cause that gap.
  • Write everything down. It helps to get your feelings down on paper. Even more beneficial is that getting your feelings and any incidents down in writing helps in the court of law. Write everything down so that you can have comfort knowing that you are documenting the journey.
  • Work closely with your San Francisco child custody attorney. Your attorney knows the law very well. He or she can give you guidance when you are unsure how something will impact your case and help you to feel more confident in how your trial is unfolding. Lean on your attorney for support.

We know what you are going through. Contact a San Francisco child custody lawyer to get relief as you work to keep your family happy and your head above water during this challenging time in your life.

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