Dissolving a family is never easy, especially for the children involved. Your kids are the loves of your life, and you will do anything to protect them from hurt or harm. Unfortunately, when a San Francisco child custody case comes about, you may have to go the extra mile to keep them safe from the other person in their lives who is supposed to love them unconditionally.


Although you may know that sharing custody with the father of your children may not be in the best interest of your family, the burden is put on the court to decide. Your ex-husband may demand custody and take you, the single mother trying to make ends meet, on a lengthy trip to court. When this happens, it is important that you do everything you can to protect your family.

To make your case and keep your kids in your custody, it’s important to keep good records and stay organized. Here are five things you should be keeping a record of:

  1. All interaction you have with your children’s father. Anytime the father of your children wants to see his kids, record the time, place, and duration of the visit. This will help show how involved he is with your children and dedicated he is to their livelihood.
  2. Missed visitations. Record any missed visitations, and note whether he called with a valid excuse or just failed to show up when your kids were looking forward to seeing him. This will show his lack of responsibility.
  3. Expenses you personally pay for your children. Sharing the costs of raising children does not always happen. If you, as a single mother, pay for school supplies, hobbies, lessons, etc. on your own, document that to show how much you have personally invested in their happiness.
  4. The times your ex-spouse brings his new girlfriend to visit unannounced. You may not be ready to have your kids meet another person who will potentially play the role of a motherly figure, but your ex-spouse may have other plans. If your ex brings his new love interest without your consent, it is important to document this disrespectful behavior.
  5. Complaints your children make about their time with their father. If you do feel comfortable allowing your children to see their father without supervision by you, keep a record of how they react when they come home.

Nowadays, custody is not automatically granted to the mother of the children. If you worry that your ex-spouse may suddenly try to get child custody in San Francisco, it may be time to contact an attorney. Call our San Francisco child custody lawyers to learn more about how you can keep your family safe.

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