The Marin Superior Court - Family Division issued the following custody guidelines during the Court's closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow these guidelines and note anytime your children's father does not.

From: Verna A. Adams, Supervising Judge, Marin Unified Family Court Re:  Family Law Guidelines  during COVID-19  Court  Closure

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic,  all schools in California are closed for an extended period to reduce the transmission  of the virus.  The American Academy of Matrimonial  Lawyers and The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts have published helpful guidelines for parents during the pandemic.

The goal of these recommendations is to encourage parents to follow existing custody orders as closely as possible, to ensure a level of consistency and stability that is in the children's best interests.

The Marin Unified Family Court expects parents in all cases to follow the guidelines set forth below:

Denial of Parenting Time

COVID-19 is not a reason to deny parenting time. Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, parents are considered fit to care for their children and make decisions regarding the day-to-day aspects of parenting while the children are in their care. This day-to-day care includes following state and local directives regarding social distancing and sanitation-related measures (such as frequent hand-washing).

Definition of Spring Break, Summer Break/Vacation or Holidays

While schools are closed, parenting time shall continue as if the children are still attending school in accordance with the school calendar of the relevant district. "Spring Break", "Summer  Break/Vacation", or other designated holidays,  means the regularly calendared breaks/vacations or holidays in the school district where the children are attending school  (or would attend school if they were school-aged). The closure of the school for public health purposes will not be considered an extension of any break/vacation/holiday period or weekend.

Supervised Parenting Time 

All supervised visitation is to be conducted virtually via videoconferencing or by telephone.

Remote Learning

During the suspension of classroom learning, parents are to follow the remote learning guidelines that are issued by the relevant school districts, including changes districts make to the school calendar.

Safety-Related Issues

Our first responders and law enforcement must remain available to true emergencies and for support related to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Do not call them for parenting-related disputes but rather only in case of real, immediate,  and significant safety-related reasons.


Parents are encouraged to communicate about precautions they are taking to slow the spread of COVID-19. However, a parent is not permitted to deny parenting time based on the other parent's unwillingness to discuss their precautionary measures taken or a parent's belief that the other parent's precautions are insufficient.

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