15 Ways to Change Your Name in California

If you’re facing divorce, you’re probably ready for the whole process to be over with so you can be “you” again. You’re ready to take the world by storm and just want to get back to being yourself, but can you really be “you” with his name? Of course you can, but it’s so much easier to create a bright, new future by shedding everything from your past—starting with your name.


In order to help you hit the ground running, we’ve compiled a list of places where you’ll need to apply your name change. While it’s not inclusive, it’ll be a helpful start to your journey.

  1. Social Security Office
  2. Employer
  3. Driver’s license
  4. Passport
  5. Voter registration
  6. Car title
  7. Insurance policies (auto, health, life)
  8. Bank accounts
  9. Creditors
  10. Utilities
  11. Medical records
  12. Email / online accounts
  13. Memberships
  14. Subscriptions
  15. Notify family and friends

The above list can seem daunting, but many of these changes can take place at the same time. Changing your name can provide you with peace of mind and emotional healing after divorce—a task well worth the effort.

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