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The Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan

Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan, with a Focus on Family Law Exclusively for Women and Trial Law

It's next to impossible to stick by someone "for better or for worse" when your spouse isn’t holding up the other end of the bargain. It is important to try and save your marriage, but oftentimes there comes a point where it's beyond the possibility of rescue. At the Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan, we represent women who are at the end of their ropes and want an attorney who will stand up and look out for their best interests to achieve the best result possible. Our clients seek divorce for any number of reasons, including:

  • Betrayal
  • Adultery
  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Drug or alcohol addiction that negatively affects the family
  • A change in the spouse’s manner, personality, or values that makes the couple fundamentally incompatible
  • Falling out of love with a spouse

Aside from the intense emotions you are probably feeling, you may also have a lot at stake by filing for divorce. It's not just about legally dissolving your marriage, especially if there are children or sizeable property holdings involved. By choosing to work with Paul Nathan, you can feel comfortable knowing he will work to make sure the most important parts of your life stay a part of your life.

Working With a Divorce Attorney is a Team Effort

Family law is very personal and because of that, I do not take every case that walks through the door of my San Francisco or San Rafael office. I choose to represent only those women I connect with and those who seem to feel comfortable with me. My goal is to be your advocate. That means you must be willing to share your entire story with me so that I can represent you in the most effective way possible. I am here to listen and build a case that you can hopefully win.

As a family law attorney, my practice areas are very specific. My office handles:

  • Divorce Cases. With half of all marriages ending in divorce—and an even higher proportion of second marriages failing—you need experience and discretion on your side for your California divorce case.
  • Child Custody. Children must not become pawns in a battle of wills between divorcing spouses or ex-spouses. I can help develop a child custody plan that will allow your children to prosper.
  • Child Support. Child support in San Francisco can become complex when one of the children of a marriage has special requirements, when the family is used to a specific living standard, or when the ex-spouses differ greatly in incomes. Let me find a solution that works for you.
  • Spousal Support. Untangling the financial complications of a marriage begin with dividing marital assets and then crafting an alimony or spousal support plan that is fair to each partner. As your attorney, I can be cooperative or confrontational as needed to aim for your financial goals.

Many times, if you've started a family with your spouse, your divorce case is going to encompass all of these areas.

Your San Francisco-Area and Marin County Attorney for Custody and Child Support

Custody and child support hearings tend to be a large chunk of divorce proceedings, especially if the parents did not end things very amicably. However, it's also very common for us to get involved in custody and support cases for single parents. When a child is born to unmarried parents who eventually break up, custody and support become huge issues that are often hotly debated.

If you are looking to get sole custody, the overall idea I will fight to convey in court is that your child or children are better off in your care. In arguing that case, it is not uncommon to request a certain amount of child support to help you raise your children properly. I want to make sure you and your children are happy and comfortable.

Do You Need An Attorney for Your Divorce?

If you and your spouse are still amicable you may be able to handle your divorce without an attorney. You can look at various guides and our soon-to-be-published book to help you decide if you truly need to go through the expense of an attorney for an amicable divorce.

Contact The Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan

Divorce and child custody can get messy, but I am here to help get everything in order again. You shouldn't have to suffer or lose everything just because it didn't work out between you and your spouse.

Our offices are located in San Francisco and San Rafael (Marin County), but we also work with clients from a variety of counties in California including Contra Costa County, Alameda County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Monterey County, Sonoma County and Napa County.

Contact us at 415-341-1144 today to schedule a consultation.

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