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The Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan

Here's What Our Family Law Clients Are Saying

Choosing a divorce or child custody attorney can be a very personal process and decision. To make your choice easier, here are a few great things our past clients have said about us!

I first met Paul Nathan 8 years ago at Law School. He was an absolutely amazing mentor and an even better attorney. I run into him from time to time at the courts and he is always sharply dressed, has a positive attitude, and is a nice guy. I cannot say enough good things about Divorce attorney Nathan!

Bob M. - fellow attorney

My husband is a drug addict. He has become violent lately because of his drug addiction. I spoke with Paul and he explained to me that my husband was having psychological issues due to his drug addiction. Paul really was there to help me through this tough time and helped me out of an abusive marriage.

Miranda L.

“Paul offered professional guidance despite my having to contract for his time. He was nimble in his advice and delicately laid out the law as it concerned my personal situation. I would rely on his expert advice in the future.”

Sunny T.